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Why Ice Hockey is more fun to watch on TV then other sports?

Ice Hockey is the fastest game on earth. It is most popular in Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and America. There are two professional hockey leagues the NHL and the AHL. The AHL is considered to be called “minor” league hockey. The NHL is the best possible league that one could play in.  Ice Hockey is a huge team sport.  Each team has six players on the Ice five skaters, and one goalie.

A game consists of three periods that last twenty minutes each. The hard-hitting, fast action style of game play makes it so enjoyable to watch. Hockey is a dangerous sport even though the player or goalie where’s the most protective equipment out of every sport. Many injuries occur during games that are from checking or blocking shots. Even during practice one can get injured. Here’s an article on an injury an Anaheim’s Ducks player Teemu Selanne, who gets hit in the hand with a slap shot.  This shows that even a player can get hurt with a puck where they are protected by equipment. This is a dangerous sport, but it also has a lot of rules as well.

Ice Hockey has many rules.  In a professional hockey game there are four referees on the ice at once. There are two linesmen, who call the play whether if it’s offside or icing. Not many people know of this rule unless they were previously knowledgeable     about the game before had. There are two referees who call the goals and the penalties. The referees are a major influence to the way the games played on the calls that are made throughout the game. In baseball the game could technically last for days, however the average game lasts around two and a half hours. Baseball has nine innings and each inning a team gets to bat. This takes a lot of time, and there isn’t much action going on, which can make the viewer bored.  Hockey each team plays offense and defense at the same time. The key in this is how well a team’s transition game. If a player gets tired there are line changes which keeps the game going at a fast paced without stopping play.  Watching golf can be one of the most boring things to watch.  Watching Tiger Woods play at the Masters or a big golf tournament can be exciting at times, but it’s a slow game and very hard to follow on TV as they switch players frequently. Golf has no major action besides how the ball lands on the green or goes in into the hole. Football games on TV have the biggest audience of viewers out of all the professional sports. This however doesn’t mean that Football is more fun to watch, it’s just that hockey is more popular in other countries where the climate is colder.  Here is a poll of the registered number oh hockey players Football has four quarters running at fifteen minutes each quarter. The game again has offense on some plays and defense on another. This makes the game slower as there is no factor that keeps the football game going. Technically a full twenty-minute period of hockey can be played without a whistle or stoppage.  This makes the sport so entertaining because you never know who is going to score or make a big hit, or even get into the fight. In baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, tennis, and golf are sports where fighting isn’t allowed. Hockey is a different exception. If one gets into a fight he has to sit in the penalty box for five minutes and then he can return to play once the whistle blows after the five minutes.  Fighting is an automatic penalty, however you will not be thrown out of the game. Watch this video and I bet you will have some joy watching it even if you are not a hockey fan!



George Parros

George Parros is set to unveil his new lineup of clothing apparel today after the Anaheim Ducks play the Chicago Blackhawks. Parros is unveiling two shirts for men, two for women and two hats as well. His clothing lineup consist of his “mustache” logo. All of these clothing items are avaliable after the game today. All of the proceeds and benfits goes to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation and Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation. Parros is also set upon the date of December 14, 2009 to cut his hair for “Locks of Love”. He donates his hair every year so children with leukemia can have wigs. What a great person!

George Parros Fight

Last Night, the Anaheim Ducks played the San Jose Sharks in Anaheim. Parros got into a fight with Frazer Mclaren. It first looks as if Parros is going to lose this fight as he loses his footing and falls onto the ice. Parros however gets back onto his feet and then takes down Mclaren. Check it out

FW10: Dinner Party

If I had the chance to meet a person who is no longer alive it would be my Grandfather who I never met (mom’s side). I never had the chance to meet my mom’s dad. I have heard so many good things about him. He was such an honest person, and a loving and caring father. He owned a little airplane, which he would fly around in. His Gardner was an illegal immigrant, and he was taken away. My grandfather  flew his plane down to pick him up, and bring him back to the USA. Pretty funny story actually :). I would love to meet him, and I know I would not be disappointed 🙂

INF: Research Question

I will be discussing why television is more helpful than hurtful.

TV is educating

I choose this topic because my parents have always told me that television is going to rot my brain. I am able to keep up with current events on the news, History Channel, National Geographic, TLC ( The Learning Channel). Television can make a person elaborate with what they see on television and then turn that around and apply it to their every day life.


That 70’s Show




NHL on the Fly


Airs 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week



How many people watch TV?

What states watch the most amount of TV?

What TV station is the most popular?

What time of day do people watch the most TV?

How many people subscribe to movie packages?

Myth of Boring Topic

Book Turned into movie-  Should the author of a book have a say in the making of the movie?

CD- Should downloaded mp3’s give the artist the same cut and if the artist isn’t big or it’s a grammy winner?

DVR- Does DVR hurt advertisements?

Internet news- Is the internet destroying newspapers?


FW8: Hot Topic

There are two particular topics that pisses me off. The first one is Politics, and I hate it when people say “Obama” and don’t even know what his intentions are for his presidency. Too many young adults favor the political person whom their parents are voting for. If someone is going to argue with me and say I love Obama, then they better have reasons. If their reasons why they like him so much then I am not heated at all and I respect their opinion, but its when they don’t know what the political person is trying to bring to the table. The second thing that always gets me pissed off is when people say Sidney Crosby is better than Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin plays harder than anyone else out on the ice. When Ovechkin touches the puck not only does his own eyes light up, but so do mine. I am always waiting for him to make an incredible play. I am a Philadelphia Flyers fan, and having Ovechkin on the Washington Capitals is a nightmare for me. Even though I hate my team playing against Ovechkin, he is always fun and exciting to watch! Crosby on the other hand is a cry baby. He will not make big hits like Ovechkin, and will not fight Ovechkin. Crosby is a little girl in other words. These two particular topics can make me pretty heated !

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